1. How many feedback channels are supported on the Everest Series? 2. What is the communication latency between the drives and the master? 3. Are Celera Motion’s Ingenia products just a drive, or do they also have a controller onboard? 4. What encoder interfaces are supported? 5. How many servo drives can I connect? 6. Does the drive have self-tuning? 7. Does the Everest XCR drive support standard safety protocols (STO)? 8. Can I log scope data, such as position error, phase current, velocity command? If yes, at what sampling rate can I record it and for how much time at that sampling rate? 9. What advanced control algorithms are available (PID, acceleration feedforward, velocity feedforward, input shaping, filtering, etc.)? 10. What is the rated current of the Everest XCR without a heatsink? 11. Do I need external inductors to operate my low inductance motor with the Everest Series servo drives? 12. Do I need special software to program an Everest Series servo drive? 13. How much power does the drive dissipate when in idle mode? 14. Can I use Win64 with your configuration softwares? 15. Can you recommend CANopen transceivers compatible with your drives? 16. Does the Everest XCR offer dual power supply? 17. Does the Everest NET require an external 5 V supply to power logic? 18. What is the standard power consumption of the Everest Series drives? 19. What is the resolution of the ADC current sensor of the Everest Series? 20. Are there layout guidelines for mounting the Everest NET to an interface board? 21. Does the Everest Series support Ethernet TCP-IP? 22. Are the Everest Series servo drives CiA-301 and CiA-402 compliant? 23. What types of motor temperature sensors do the Everest Series servo drives support? 24. How many feedback devices can I connect to the Everest Series servo drives? 25. What is the update rate of the motion control loops for the Everest Series servo drives? 26. Do you recommend a common-mode choke between the Everest power stage and the motor being driven? If so, do you have guidance on part selection? 27. Does the Everest support USB or Serial Communications? 28. Does the Everest Series support Ethernet/IP communications? 29. What is the EtherCAT latency of the Everest Series servo drives? 30. What happens to the servo drive if the EtherCAT cable is disconnected during motor operation? 31. What CANopen transceivers are compatible with MotionLab3 and the Everest Series servo drives? 32. Can the Everest Series handle voice coil and linear actuators? 33. Is there a limitation for BiSS-C encoders that the Everest Series can handle? Can you develop on these limitations? 34. Can the Everest XCR servo drive read absolute encoder, other than BiSS-C or SSI?