Miniature Encoders

Minature Rotary EncodersMiniature encoders from Zettlex are ideally suited to space constrained geometries where the maximum outer diameter is <50mm and often <25mm.

Applications include motor encoders, servo controls, robot motion controls, azimuth and/or elevation angle measurement.

Miniature Rotary Encoders

Zettlex miniature rotary encoders or micro rotary encoders are particularly suited to applications that require high resolution and repeatability even in difficult physical environments.

Zettlex miniature rotary encoders typically comprise a passive, rotating target and a stationary antenna.  The target can be attached to the shaft in a variety of ways including collar, grub-screw or adhesive bonded.  Hollow shaft or end-of-shaft geometries are available.  A Zettlex miniature rotary encoder requires no bearings or precision alignment of target and antenna.  Targets typically weigh a few grams and so start up torque and moment of inertia are low.

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