Agility™ Series – UTS

Zero Cogging Direct Drive Motors for Exceptionally Smooth Motion

Designed with ZeroCog™ slotless motor technology from Applimotion, the Agility Series enables OEMs to achieve extremely smooth and highly accurate motion profiles using flexible and easy-to-integrate motor components. Ideally suited for scanning, pointing, measuring and cutting applications that require extremely smooth velocity control and highly accurate positioning, the Agility Series delivers best-in-class torque ripple and zero cogging.

Specifications of Agility Series – UTS

Continuous Torque0.04 to 9.06 Nm
Peak Torque0.123 to 27.20 Nm
Diameter (Stator OD)18.97 to 222.25 mm
Through Hole (Rotor ID)5.00 to 190.50 mm
Stator Length19.81 to 62.27 mm
Pole Count6 to 64

CAD Files

How to Order an Agility™ Series Motor – UTS

Agility Series Motors are available in a variety of size, magnetic attributes, axial length, winding option, feedback option, and mechanical configuration. Once you have selected your product you can contact us to purchase or request a quote.


How to Order an Agility UTS Motor

Dimensional Interface - Model UTS

Dimensional Interface - Agility UTS Motor