Omni™ Series – OmniRH

Direct Drive Rotary Actuators with Large Through Hole

The OmniRH Series rotary stages enable OEMs to achieve smooth and accurate motion profiles and conveniently route cables and other system elements via a large through hole. Built with Omni™ direct drive motors from Applimotion, PurePrecision™ optical encoder technology from MicroE and precision bearings, the OmniRH rotary stages provide the benefits of direct drive rotary motor performance in a standard NEMA 23 motor package.

Specifications of Omni Series – OmniRH

Continuous Torque0.076Nm [10.8 oz-in]
Peak Torque0.106Nm [32 oz-in]
Rated Speed @ 24V2000rpm
Continuous Current2 Amps
Resistance4.9 Ohms
Motor Constant0.038Nm/w1/2 [5.4 Oz-in/w1/2]
Torque Constant0.085Nm/amp [12 Oz-in/amp]
Voltage Constant8.8 Vpk/krpm
Inductance6 Mh +/- 25%
Cogging Torque0.0018Nm [0.25 oz-in]
Inertia0.000023kg-cm-sec2 [0.00002 lb-in-sec2]
Thermal Resistance4.2 °C/watt
Weight0.23kg [0.5 lb]