The machined surfaces of Omni+ stators are protected with a rust-preventive coating before placing in desiccated, vacuum-sealed bags for shipping. For technical information on Dri-Touch Amber Low-VOC Rust Preventive coating or to obtain a Safety Data Sheet, please visit the following manufacturer’s website:

Celera Motion recommends removing the coating before installing the stator into the system to prevent its vaporization as the stator heats up during operation. Mineral spirits may be used to remove the coating, followed by wiping with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any final residue. If the intended installation technique is adhesive bonding, removal of all residue is important to ensure good adhesion. Acetone may be used as an alternative, but in sparing quantities because it is a more aggressive solvent. Using a lightly moistened cloth with small quantities of Acetone that flash off quickly will prevent it from attacking other stator construction materials. Cleaning with heated alkaline detergents or an aqueous solution washer is not recommended for Omni+ stators due to potential absorption of moisture into the windings, which could cause electrical problems such as reduced dielectric performance.

Please contact Celera Motion Engineering with any questions.